f@#king facebook idiots: women's world cup edition

Congratulations to Team Japan, who defeated the United States in a stunning penalty kick shootout during the final moments of the Women's World Cup Final. I'll admit, I was rooting for the U.S., but it was one of the most exciting, dramatic games I've ever seen, regardless of the outcome. Everyone played the hell out that game, and you can't say that Japan didn't deserve this victory.

But this post isn't about the game.

This post is about the dumbshit stuff that happens after the game. And what seems to happen every time a major story involving Japan hits the news. This is when Idiot Americans take to their social networks and spout the usual asshole nonsense making references to "Pearl Harbor" and "Hiroshima." Here's a sampling of actual Facebook status messages published after Japan's victory:
its ok that japan won thats soccer game...because in WW2 we owned them ;)

hey, japan im pretty sure USA kicked ur ass in WW2 so i still consider the USA to be beating you so, SUCK IT! #WINNING#

so japan won the world...its ok we still have hiroshima

Looking at pictures of Hiroshima just reminds me of Pearl. I will never feel sorry for the Japs

fucking pan-face gooks

I saw we bomb the gooks again

Fuck womens sucker. They were so hyped up and they cant even beat a bunch of slanty eyed twats

thats fuking disgusting. watching these slanty eyed animals hoist the trophy is making me sick

Wtf we just lost to them slanted eyed gooks you gotta be kidding me
Like I said, that's just a sample from literally hundreds of similar sentiments expressed on Facebook. I don't know who possessed the patience to put this together, but here's a massive collage of actual uncensored Facebook statuses of this nature, collected in a matter of hours. But like this really surprises anybody. Stay classy, America.

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