how to snag a beijing billionaire

Who wants to marry a billionaire? A millionaire? Or just a wealthy dude? This is a bewildering Reuters story on the Bejing Moral Education Center for Women, where for 20,000 yuan ($3,080), women can receive training and learn the special techniques to snag themselves a rich man: Chinese women learn how to snag a billionaire.

Training includes techniques to make yourself more attractive, like how to put on make-up in the most flattering way, and how to spot a liar by looking at his facial expressions ("sure, I'm totally a billionaire"). Students are also taught conversation skills, personality development and traditional tea-pouring techniques -- all the knowledge a wannabe billionaire's wife needs!
The centre's founder, Shao Tong, also teaches at the school, focusing on pointing out to students how to decipher a man's character and personality.

She said the school was encouraging women to become the best they can be by giving them a goal that many in this rapidly developing country, with a huge increasingly affluent and aspiring middle class, strive for.

"We are nurturing internal qualities and developing potential. But if I were to advertise the school saying I would like to teach you how to build a good family and to better yourself, lots of girls would rule it out because they feel that they are agreeable and qualified enough," Tong said.

"So then I thought, why not be more straightforward by saying: do you want to marry a rich man?"
It goes to show that if there's money to be made, someone will devise a way to make it, whether it's the founder of this ridiculous school, or the women enrolling to eventually get that man with the cash. And of course, there are the wealthy eligible bachelors who will drop 30,000 yuan for an introduction.

But what about after you snag your billionaire? Forget pouring tea. Based on recent current events, the school should add another unit to the curriculum: how to kick someone's ass when they attack your old-ass husband with a shave cream pie.

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