new music: the tiger sons mixtape by model minority

I'm currently making my way through The Tiger Sons, the new mixtape from Asian American hip hop trio Model Minority. Overall, it's a nice effort, with some solid songs showing off these guys' hungry and fiercely intelligent skills on the mic. I appreciate their ability to mix humorous tracks with more serious and overtly political rhymes. Check out the video for the lead single, "Where'd You Go? (Invisible People)":

The video was directed by Angela Yu. Nicely done. Generally, I'm enjoying the album, though I think they definitely have room to grow, and Tiger Sons could be a little leaner and meaner. There are a handful of songs that probably could have been shaved off from the 22-track album to give it a some more punch.

But what's good is great, and I can get behind anyone who brings a healthy dose of yellow power to their art. Hear it for yourself. Download the entire Tiger Sons mixtape for free here. For more information about D-One, Grand Master Chu, Inglish and their music, check out the Model Minority Facebook page here.

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