portland teen fatally shot while driving

Crazy news out of Portland, where 18-year-old Larry Ma, a recent high school graduate, was fatally shot while driving his car. He managed to drive several blocks crashing into a house: David Douglas graduate Larry Ma shot driving his sports car in Southeast Portland.
Ma was fatally shot in the area of Southeast 135th Avenue and Sherman Street. Police said he managed to drive several blocks after being shot, before crashing outside Asburry's house at 2214 S.E. 135th Ave. Ma was alone in the car. Callers to 9-1-1 said they heard the sound of multiple gunshots right before Ma crashed his car.

Brandon Bowen, a Marshall High School student who knew Ma since freshman year, said Ma bought the Mercedes SLK roadster at a car auction and fixed it up himself. Bowen said he is as puzzled as everyone else as to the why of Ma's death.

"He wasn't up to anything," Bowen said. "The kid's not bad."
Police have no suspects in the case, and say it's too early to say what the motive was. At this point, they're just trying to figure out what the hell happened to this kid. Meanwhile, the community grieves for a lost friend: Friends hold vigil for slain Portland teen.

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