some more info on justin lin's terminator

Real quick, here's a recent Cinemablend article in which director Justin Lin, red-hot off the massive global success of Fast Five ($603 million in worldwide ticket sales ain't too shabby), who drops a little bit of information about what he'd like to do with the Terminator sequel he's attached to, as well as the next installment of the Fast series: Justin Lin Talks Terminator, Fast Six.
Lin spoke with Moviehole about the status of his Terminator project, which was affected by the shifting of series ownership rights to a group led by Megan Ellison. He stopped well short of saying a fifth Terminator film was a done deal. There's no script at the moment, and Arnold Schwarzenegger's involvement, right now, appears to be a consulting role. Lin clarified that Arnold, of course, is "integral" to the franchise, and he'd even like to figure some way to involve the character of Sarah Connor, who he feels was shortchanged by subsequent Terminator sequels. But with nothing concrete to report, Lin merely said he has plans in place and is ready to execute once the green light is given.
Like I've said before, I'm not crazy about the idea of another Terminator movie. I think the franchise could really use a rest for a while. But hey, if he can get this thing off the ground, it would be pretty awesome. I'm pretty darn happy to see our pal Justin attached to such a huge project. You've come a long way from Shopping For Fangs!

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