warren furutani is running for los angeles city council

Don't want to forget to mention this news... Last week California Assemblymember Warren Furutani announced his plans to run for the Los Angeles City Council seat vacated by Councilmember Janice Hahn, who won Tuesday's special congressional election in the 36th District: Furutani Declares Bid for City Council.

Being the badass that he is, Furutani has already picked up several key endorsements, including support from Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, School Board President Monica Garcia and Councilman Paul Koretz: Mayor, supervisor quick to endorse Warren Furutani.
"I am deeply honored to have such strong support from city, county and educational leaders in Los Angeles," Furutani said in a statement. "I have spent my life fighting to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods and I look forward to continuing that work as a member of the Los Angeles City Council."

Furutani's district overlaps with about a third of the council district, which extends from the Port of Los Angeles north in a narrow band along the Harbor (110) Freeway to Watts. He has lived in San Pedro for 20 years, according to his campaign.

Furutani made headlines in June for his involvement in a scuffle on the floor of the state legislature. He and Assemblyman Don Wagner nearly came to blows over comments Furutani thought offended Italian Americans.
I'm still pretty damn impressed with the now-infamous skirmish Furutani got mixed up in on the Assembly floor last month. Badass. It's been almost twenty years since Los Angeles has seen an Asian American serving on the City Council, since Michael Woo, 1985 to 1993. That's ridiculous. It's about time.

I would like to be of service by offering this mock-up (above left) of a possible poster for his campaign. (Note: this is not an official poster for Warren Furutani's City Council election campaign.) What do you think?

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