brazilian swimmer does the chink-eye too!

We're bringing you the latest in chink-eye happenings around the world!

Last month at the 2011 Aquatics World Championships in Shanghai, Brazilian swimmer Cesar Cielo celebrated his gold medal in the 50-meter freestyle by pulling his eyes back and doing a chink-eye face for the cameras: Brazilian gold medal winner Cesar Cielo pulls slit-eyed face on podium in China.

Yeah, that really happened. Keeping it classy, right there in the winner's circle. Because really, what better way to celebrate your victory (and successfully dodging accusations of doping) than by physically mocking your hosts?
You would have thought he had attracted enough controversy in Shanghai this week but Brazilian swimmer Cesar Cielo, who escaped a doping ban to compete at the World Championships, has been at it again, pulling a slit-eyed face into the cameras as he celebrated winning his second gold medal of the meet in the 50m freestyle.

There was no suggestion that Cielo was attempting to intentionally insult his Chinese hosts in the Oriental Sports Centre swimming pool - rather he was apparently trying to express a kind of misguided solidarity - but his actions were insensitive and offensive.
Expression of "solidarity"? My ass. An expression of ignorance, disrespect and poor sportsmanship. Seems to be a lot of this going around lately. Seriously, what is it with Brazilian athletes pulling this playground bullshit? Once again, it's the time-tested international gesture for ching chong. (Thanks, Kip.)

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