filipino health workers win discrimination lawsuit against baltimore hospital

Remember that story out of Baltimore about the Filipina nurses who were fired for speaking Tagalog? Corina Capunitan-Yap, Anna Rowena Rosales, Jazziel Granada and Hachelle Natano said they were fired from Bon Secours Hospital in April 2010 without warning or due process. Yo, that's discrimination.

But here's the good news: Last week, the four workers won the discrimination lawsuit they filed against the Bon Secours Health System. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found that the workers were indeed subjected to workplace discrimination: Fil-Ams win US racial suit.
In a ruling dated August 16, EEOC Director Gerald Kiel said he found reasonable cause that the health workers were subjected to "unequal terms and conditions of employment, a hostile work environment, disciplinary action and discharge because of their national origin in violation of Title VII (of the Civil Rights Act of 1964)."

The health workers filed their discrimination suit in June 2010.

The EEOC is an independent federal agency that enforces laws against workplace discrimination.

"Everyone has the right to speak their own native language in the workplace so long as it does not adversely affect their job performance or put their patients' lives in danger," said Valera.

The EEOC has ordered the Bon Secours Health System to discuss a financial settlement with the health workers. The settlement may also include a demand for an apology and diversity training for management and staff, according to Valera.
Damn right. In their affidavits, the health workers said they made sure they spoke English while performing their work and only spoke Tagalog to each other during breaks. It seems to me that someone at the hospital was really looking hard for a reason to fire these women. Now it's time to pay up. More here: Fed commission sides with Pinay nurses fired for speaking Tagalog.

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