panda express sued for discrimination against latino employees

Asians behaving badly... fake Chinese food edition! Well, it's probably not the fault of the bad food, but this is messed up.

The federal government has filed a discrimination lawsuit against a Panda Express restaurant in San Jose for making its Latino workers clean toilets and perform other crappy tasks while Asian employees stood by and enjoyed an easier workload: Feds: San Jose Panda Express made Hispanic employees clean toilets while Asian workers watched.

According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the restaurant's general manager gave Latino workers fewer hours and more menial jobs while Asian employees were permitted to stand around and watch:
"Hispanic workers who worked as counter help were required to clean the bathroom, tables and counters, while Asian employees were permitted to simply stand around and watch," the federal agency's Bay Area office said in a statement announcing the suit.

The commission also said the manager more frequently and harshly disciplined Latino employees.

"I felt so ashamed when the Asian workers watched me obediently run from the bathroom to the tables to the counters, cleaning when they did not have to," Aremy Lomely, a Latino employee at the restaurant, said in a statement. "For months, (the manager) treated me like a worthless employee."
The suit, filed in U.S. District Court in San Jose, accused Panda Restaurant Group of discrimination based on national origin and seeks damages for the Latino employees. Would you like some discrimination with that delicious orange chicken? More here: Panda Express in San Jose sued for discrimination.

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