space asians: george takei, john cho and garrett wang

More Star Trek for your azz... Check out this awesome photo taken over the weekend at the gigantic Star Trek Las Vegas Convention. That's George Takei (the original series Sulu), John Cho (the new movie Sulu), and Garrett Wang (Ensign Harry Kim on Star Trek: Voyager). They called it the "Sulu Summit." According to the official convention recap:
At 3:20, Garrett Wang stepped on stage to introduce John Cho and then George Takei for their Sulu Summit. Gotta say, this was cool. Takei described the two reasons why this convention held special meaning for him. "One, Star Trek is 45... and the other thing is I'm young again. Sulu is young again in the form of John." Takei pointed out that Cho was born 3 years after TOS was axed. Cho, meanwhile, described Takei as a personal hero. "I grew up thrilled to see an Asian face on TV." They then swapped several stories and heaped praise on one another. Sulu seems to be in good hands.
This was apparently John Cho's first time at a Star Trek convention. May there be many more to come. If only Linda Park (Hoshi Sato on Star Trek: Enterprise had been the room! It would have been one seriously amazing cosmic convergence of space Asians. (Thanks, Janessa.)

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