they're helping him... oh, no, they're robbing him.

Out of the London riots, been seeing this disturbing video passed around... The footage shows an injured, bleeding young man on the ground, helped out by a seemingly concerned stranger... and then robbed by the same guys who supposedly came to his aid. Damn, people:

Despicable. The victim -- it's blurry, but he looks Asian -- appears to have head wound, and looks pretty disoriented. Just when you think some Good Samaritans are helping out the poor guy, they go for his backpack. He can't even fight back: Boy helped, then robbed, during London riots.

It's on tape. Somebody catch these heartless bastards.

UPDATE: The victim in the video has been identified as 20-year-old Mohd Asyraf Raziq Rosli, a first-year student at Kaplan University student. He was treated at Royal London Hospital for a broken jaw and disjointed teeth, and lost his mobile phone and wallet during the incident: British riots: Malaysian student injured in London. (Thanks, Grace.)

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