"you can make the asians do anything. they can drink their own piss."

Are you kidding me? This Design Obsever blog post by Mark Lamster points us to some interesting remarks from architect and urban planner Andres Duany, who apparently has a big problem with really tall buildings... and Asians. Specifically, the current skyscraper boom going on in Asia and "their little cubicles in the sky": Andres Duany's Asian Problem.
You can make the Asians do anything. They can drink their own piss. You tell them do it and they do. There is no comparison between an Asian situation and an American situation. They will do anything they are told. We will not. They will do anything they are told. I've been to their apartments. Their little pieces of shit. They're coming from hovels, but what can you say about that?....It's a fantastic cruelty that's being perpetrated on the people. It's a fraud and a cruelty. They're destroying their neighborhoods for real estate speculation. It's a spectacular cruelty. It absolutely breaks my heart. I've seen the people in their little cubicles in the high rises. Google the suicides of the Malaysians. And then go visit them in their little cubicles in the sky. Saddest thing I've ever seen.
Tell those Asians what you really think, Mr. Duany. Because obviously, all those mindless, piss-drinking, sky-cubicle-dwelling can't think for themselves. More here: My Conversation with Andres Duany: An Ardent Critic of the Skyscraper Flies into a Rage about the Asian Skyscraper Boom.

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