baby avy needs your vote

Got this passed along to me and I was compelled to share... Here's a chance to help out a family and spread the word for a good cause.

Leon Cheng's baby daughter Avy is hearing and vision-impaired and diagnosed with cerebral palsy, after suffering an in-utero stroke.

Right now, Leon is participating in the Upromise contest to win $10,000 for his daughter's medical expenses, and he's asking for your vote:
I Dream to Dance with My Daughter
Los Angeles, CA
July 27, 2011

I dream of dancing with my daughter. Whether it be at her wedding (which is a more concrete and reoccuring dream) or any occasion that celebrates the general thought.

You see, my beautiful girl, now one, came into this world full of challenges. Doctor's say she had an in-utero stroke. She is hearing and vision impaired, and diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Some things have changed - what we thought it would be like to be parents, the journey of raising a child. But the dreams haven't. For my wife and I, she is our first, and she is everything we ever wanted.

For now, I carry her. And we dance to music, practicing for our big moment in the future.
All he's asking for is a vote and a small effort to help spread the word in any way possible. For more information and to vote for Leon and Avy with a simple click, go to BabyAvy.com. The contest ends on September 29.

But you know, wouldn't it be great it Sallie Mae could just give them this money for Avy's care, rather than have people vote for it?

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