how to hit on an asian girl

This is great. Check out this funny little video by Caitlin M. Boston, How To Hit On An Asian Girl, aka How Not to Harass an Asian Girl. It basically chronicles some of the trials involved with being an Asian female walking on the streets and in the world in general. Funny, but unfortunately true to life. Take a look, and see if you recognize some of these scenarios:

Holla if you feel this. Caitlin tells me she decided to make the video "after a particularly depressing date that ended with an odd racist story." You'll have to tell that one to me some time. The "recommendations" are based on real life experiences -- some of the dialogue in the video has actually been uttered, verbatim, to Asian American females.

Ladies, wouldn't it be great to go about your everyday business and just walk down the street without having to deal with the usual dumbass "Me love you long time" harassment? I shake my fist at you, Stanley Kubrick.

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