next on glee: "the asian f"

Here's a preview for the next episode of Glee, which is entitled "Asian F." It appears to be a Mike Chang (and/or Tina Cohen-Chang)-focused episode. And as previously reported, it guest stars Tamlyn Tomita and Keong Sim as Mike's parents. The "Asian F," as we good little Asians all know, refers to an A-minus. Gasp! Take a look:

Finally, we get a brighter spotlight on Mike Chang, and some backstory. Too bad it has to go tromping around in tired old Tiger Mom territory -- no doubt informed by the recent furor over Amy Chua's book. Ah, well. I hope they shake it up and make it interesting. Looking forward to seeing Harry Shum Jr. getting more than just one line of dialogue in a given episode. The show airs Tuesday night on Fox.

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