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Preparing for the NBA (Ep. 30): YouTube's KevJumba gets a hard lesson on how to be an NBA player from none other than Jeremy Lin of the Golden State Warriors. It does not go very well.

Youtubing with Kevjumba: In turn, Kevin taught Jeremy a few things about making videos for his newly launched YouTube channel. It went a little better.

Stretch marks are beautiful, like exotic foreign ladies: APA Compass sounds off on a recent column in the Washington Times on harmful beauty standards -- a totally reasonable message... accompanied by questionably racist photos.

Secret history of Building 640 revealed: The Presidio National Park in San Francisco is making plans to honor more than 6,000 linguists -- many of whom were Japanese American -- who served the United States during World War II.

Love Like Old Times: Singer/songwriter Kina Grannis' recent session with Daytrotter is available as a free four-track download.

Kina Grannis' Master Class: Learn To Play "Message From Your Heart": And here's Kina with a lesson on the chords and strumming to play her song "Message From Your Heart," as part of the Master Class series.

The Worst Accents in Movie History: This LIFE slideshow recalls some of the worst accents in the history of cinema, including Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffany's and John Wayne as Genghis Khan in The Conqueror.

"White Frog" Comes to Town: Visual Communications sits down with director Quentin Lee and screenwriter/producer Ellie Wen to talk about their indie coming-of-age drama White Frog, starring Booboo Stewart, Joan Chen, BD Wong, Kelly Hu and Harry Shum Jr.

A New Voice for Asian Americans: AMN Radio and Radio Seoul recently launched The CL Show, which is apparently the only English-language radio show currently in the United States for Asian Americans.

Kristina Wong guarantees "the best $12 you ever spent": Giant Robot interviews Kristina Wong on the upcoming world premiere of the filmed version of her acclaimed one-woman show Wong Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.

Meet The Woman Who Gave Up Shopping For A Year (And Got Back In The Game Yesterday!): Happy (belated) birthday to Elizabeth Jayne Liu, who voluntarily gave up shopping for exactly 365 days until she turned 30, and chronicled her self-imposed shopping boycott on her blog Flourish in Progress.

Julia Roberts' 'Fireflies in the Garden' Finally Making Its Way to U.S. Theaters: Writer/director Dennis Lee's family drama Fireflies in the Garden, starring Julia Roberts, will finally be getting a limited theatrical release in October.

Irene Choi, Martin Starr land 'Community' roles: Actress Irene Choi will appear in an upcoming episode of the NBC comedy Community.

When @Irene Met Hurricane Irene: Speaking of Irene, here's the story of how @Irene, the Twitter handle of 28-year-old New Yorker Irene Tien, became the online voice for a hurricane, 140 characters at a time.

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