stereotypical asian caricature in "teachers of philly" game

Oh, you've got to be kidding be. So we've been sort of keeping an eye on what the hell has been going on with the school situation in Philadelphia. Because, you know, it has sucked for quite some time.

So I had to take notice of the launch of this comic book-styled iPhone/iPad game, "The Teachers of Philly," in which superhero teachers battle against the evil mayor, Arlene Ackerman and others in the Philadelphia School District: Game app takes Philly schools to a whole new level.

That actually sounds funny. The problem is, one of the teachers featured in the game, Teng, is a straight-up Asian stereotype, complete with slanty eyes, fu manchu 'stache and bowl haircut. What's up with that? Watch the video and see the character design for yourself:

I get that this game means well, but there's seriously no reason why the game should embrace such a stereotypical Asian caricature. There's really not much design to to it -- the characters have no limbs -- so I don't understand why such specific choices were made regarding Teng's appearance.

On top of all that, I'm told that the game's designers are apparently Asian, so they insist that the character can't be racist. That just kind of makes it more infuriating. Considering all the controversy over the fact that the administration continually turned blind eye to widespread violence against Asian students, this app is acutely more annoying and problematic.

Seems ridiculous to pay 99 cents to be insulted, even if the game's supposed to be a big middle finger at Arlene Ackerman. (Thanks, Helen.)

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