three arrested in bungled beer "heist"

Asians behaving badly... dumbass beer heist edition! I use "heist" in the loosest sense. If you think the mugshots above are funny, wait until you hear what these fools did: Three arrested in bungled beer heist in Covina.

In Covina, California, these geniuses are accused of stealing a 30-pack of beer from a market. But when the thieves tried to get away, they crashed a car and hit an employee who chased after them. One of them tried to run off... through a car wash. And another guy got caught because he left his ID behind.

Andy Huynh, Nicholas Kalscheuer and Nicholas Fiumetto were arrested on charges of robbery, assault with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest:
Kalscheuer and Fiumetto entered the Baja Ranch Market about 3 p.m. Wednesday while Huynh remained behind the wheel of a car nearby.

Inside the store, Fiumetto grabbed a 30-pack of beer and the two men ran out. Employees ran after the pair into the parking lot, grabbing and detaining Kalscheuer and later turning him over to police, according to the report.
Fiumetto, meanwhile, threw the beer in the car and jumped in the front passenger seat.

As Huynh pulled out, an employee jumped on the hood of the car to avoid getting run over. Huynh careened through the parking lot, hitting a curb and sending the employee onto the pavement, scraping his arms in the fall, according to the report.

Huynh and Fiumetto ran off. Fiumetto climbed a fence and ran into the Citrus Car Wash next door.

Pepe Pinedo, the car wash manager, was standing amid drying cars when he saw Fiumetto, pursued by two officers, run into the car wash tunnel.

At the time, "there were two cars being washed in the tunnel," Pinedo said. "He got into the wash and the rollers and got all wet.

"By the time, he came out of the car wash, the officer was already on the other end of the tunnel," he continued. "It was kind of funny. It was a nice show."
By the way, Andy Huynh was the one who ran off but left behind his wallet and identification in the car. The cops eventually contacted Andy and convinced him to turn himself in. Not much of a heist. Seriously -- all this for a pack of Tecate? Not smart. More here: 3 Teens Arrested in Botched Beer Burglary.

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