volunteer opportunity: fight housing discrimination

My good friend at the Housing Rights Center in Los Angeles tells me that they are in dire need of Asian volunteers -- especially Koreans -- to test rental properties (like secret shoppers) and assist with the investigation of housing discrimination complaints. Here's some more information:
YOU can help fight discrimination.

The Housing Rights Center is looking for volunteers to assist with the investigation of housing discrimination complaints. This is a volunteer position with no guaranteed minimum of hours or assignments but testers are PAID a stipend for their work and also have the ability to work very flexible hours.

Testers must attend a 4-hour training session. They must also be reliable, objective, observant, and have good oral and written communications skills.

For more information, contact:

Stephanie Knapnik
Housing Rights Center
Phone: (800) 477-597 Ext. 29
Email: sknapik@housingrightscenter.org
It's kind of like going undercover. And the work you'll be doing will be valuable towards fighting housing discrimination. To volunteer, use the contact info above. And for further information about the work the Housing Rights Center is doing, go to the HRC website here and Facebook page here.

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