chef tai wins america's favorite food truck contest

I am still not quite over the crippling disappointment of what went down with Korilla getting booted from The Great Food Truck Race. But at least we get the good news that Chef Tai's Gourmet Food Truck from College Station Texas has won America's Favorite Food Truck contest.

The contest started back in July with fans nominating and voting for their favorite local truck. Over four million people voted, with nearly 600 trucks in the running, and when all was said and done, Chef Tai's was the last food ride remaining: America's Favorite Food Truck - We Have a Winner.
FN Dish: Your menu is a “fun and inexpensive alternative to an upscale dining experience.” Talk to us about it.
Chef Tai: We serve gourmet food at Veritas Wine & Bistro, where I am the executive chef. I wanted to take those dishes and add a touch of quirkiness to them, without charging more than I needed to. For example, instead of popular chili cheese fries, I serve Sweet Potato Poutine With Shiitake Cream Sauce and Melted Cheddar Cheese to offer a twist. Instead of an everyday hamburger, I created a gourmet burger using American Wagyu beef and spicy mayonnaise made with Sriracha chili paste. These entrees cost less than $10, including tax on the truck, but many of these same menu items are found at Veritas for a minimum of $15.
Chef Tai wins the grand prize of $10,000 and the chance to appear on season three of The Great Food Truck Race. Hopefully we'll get to see him compete the next time around and make a respectable run for the finish line. For more information on his food truck, go to Chef Tai's Mobile Gourmet website here.

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