jane lui is for the children

Saw this great little video and had to share... Our friend singer/songwriter Jane Lui was recently doing her thang, playing some shows in Europe, when she encountered this young fan who couldn't stay out too late -- it was a school night. So Jane performed an impromptu Amsterdam street rendition of "Migration Song" for the kid before she headed back home for bedtime:

The way Jane explains it, it was her last night Europe, and kind of a miserable one. She had posted about doing a little open mic show in Amsterdam, but between the pouring rain and coming down with a cold, she was considering not going, thinking no one would know her there anyway.

But Jane, soaked with rain, had fans waiting for her, of course. Including a guy named Edwin who brought his young daughter. They had apparently seen Jane's awesome History of Lyrics That Aren't Lyrics, and drove out an hour to see her. But it was almost her bedtime by the time Jane got there, so they went outside and she sang the little fan a quick song.

Jane Lui is for the children! For more info on Jane and her music, check out her official website here and subscribe to her YouTube channel here.

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