knots trailer

Here's the recently released official trailer for the indie "UN-romantic comedy" Knots, directed by our old pal Michael Kang, and written by Kimberley Rose-Wolter, who stars as a wedding planner who can't keep her own love life in order. The movie also features Illeana Douglas, Sung Kang, Mia Riverton and Janel Parrish. Take a look:

Here's a brief synopsis:
Lily Kim returns to Hawaii in order to escape an engagement trigger-happy boyfriend in LA. Once home, she reluctantly joins her dysfunctional family's wedding planning business. Her mother and sisters have very different ideas about what marriage means and for Lily it means only one thing - divorce. Through this, Lily learns about love, life and floral arrangements.
I'm looking forward to seeing Mike take on something with an entirely different feel from his previous features The Motel and West 32nd. I actually spent a few hours hanging out on the set way back almost two years ago when they were filming in Hawaii. I'm just interested in seeing how it all turned out.

Knots will make its world premiere at the Hawaii International Film Festival on October 17, followed by its West Coast premiere at the San Diego Asian Film Festival on October 21. Not too much going on the film's official website right now, but you can check the Knots Facebook page here.

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