Music Video: "Bottom of the River" by Delta Rae

Directed by Lawrence Chen

Holy moly. I had never heard of the band Delta Rae, and there are no visible Asians in their new music video for "Bottom of the River,", but it's directed by Lawrence Chen, with creative direction by Hagan Wong. And hot damn, this thing is freaking incredible. Beautifully shot, dark, eerie, and sexy as hell. I implore you to watch it:

I've watched this video at least ten times now, and I cannot stop watching it -- and seriously, it gives me the chills every time. I don't even quite understand what's going on, with the chains and the stepping and the masks, but the whole thing is completely mesmerizing.

Everything I've seen before from Lawrence Chen and Co. has been pretty impressive, but this one took it to whole other level. For more work from Lawrence Chen, check out his YouTube channel here. And for more from Delta Rae, go to the bands website here (where you can download "Bottom of the River" for free).

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