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'Un-American' Graffiti Revealed Local Prejudice: In March 1945, racist vandals in Altadena, California defaced the property of scientist Linus Pauling after he hired George H. Minaki, a Japanese American gardener.

Flick Chicks: A New Yorker piece by Mindy Kaling, producer/writer/actress on The Office, who writes about the many specimens of women who inhabit the world of Hollywood romantic comedies -- and do not exist in real life.

Kal Penn: It's Time to Ignore the Paralyzing Cynicism and Get Engaged: "I've been motivated by the reality that progress is possible with a leader who understands what's at stake. But progress is never easy, which is all the more reason to keep a focus on positivity and abandon cynicism."

Filming the Extraordinary Life of Eddy Zheng, a Bay Area Community Leader Facing Imminent Deportation: A Q&A with Ben Wang, director/ producer of the upcoming documentary Breathin': The Eddy Zheng Story.

Liberate Yourself From Classical Karate: Black Belt reprints an essay by Bruce Lee, in which he invites the blossoming martial artist to empty his or her cup and find freedom from bondage to styles, patterns and doctrines.

Eat Your Racist Cupcakes and Count Your Blessings: Believe it or not! Forbes, of all publications, issues a smackdown on Berkeley College Republicans' controversial "Diversity Bake Sale."

Ching Chongs and Tiger Moms: The 'Asian Invasion' in US Higher Education: OiYan Poon's essay in Amerasia Journal breaks down the crazy controversy over Amy Chua's Battle of Hymn of the Tiger Mom, and how Chua's book exploited fears of China's challenges to American exceptionalism and white dominance in elite US colleges.

'Mr. Wong's Dong Emporium': Racism and the Gay Community: Rev. Patrick S. Cheng's piece for Huffington Post talks about anti-Asan racism in the LGBT community and the recent controversy over the "Mr. Wong's Dong Emporium" party incident in New York City.

The Big Bang Theory: Even Nerds are Racist: A blogger takes issue with a joke on the recent season 4 premiere of the CBS sitcom Big Bang Theory.

Sizemoron: Comedian Paul Ogata recounts a racist encounter and calls actor Tom Sizemore "a racist, bloated sack of crap wrapped in human skin."

Heist Of Light And Darkness: Asobi Seksu's recent three-song session with Daytrotter is available as a free download.

Oscar-Winner Luke Matheny - How To Get an Agent: Patrick Epino and Stephen Dypiangco of National Film Society talk to Oscar-winning filmmaker Luke Matheny about how to get a Hollywood agent.

National Portrait Gallery Exhibits Asian American Artists: Hyphen talks to Konrad Ng, Director of the Smithsonian's Asian Pacific American Program, about its current Portraiture Now: Portraits of Asian American Encouter exhibit.

19-Year-Old Improves Solar Power Capacity by 40%: Eden Full is the 19-year-old behind the SunSaluter, a technology that can optimize solar energy collection by up to 40 percent -- for a total cost of $10 per installation.

Three Generations Under One Roof: This is an extraordinary New York Times piece profiling the Lee family -- three generations of a Chinese American family living together in one household.

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