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Friends Don't Let Friends Become "Friend-Zoned Phil": Does anyone know the identity of "Friend-Zoned Phil," aka the poor guy whose photo is unwittingly being used in this sad (but often too true) internet meme?

Do you know this Asian extra from Teen Wolf 1985? Speaking of unidentified Asian guys, can anyone identify this lone Asian guy who randomly pops up in a scene from the 1985 Michael J. Fox comedy Teen Wolf?

Poetry Kung Fu or: Breaking Boards With Your Head is Dumb, Write Poems Instead: In addition to being a international cinematic legend, cultural ambassador and general all-around badass of life, Bruce Lee was a poet.

'Fast Five' sequel: Justin Lin looks for franchise finish line: With Fast Five just out on Blu-ray/DVD, Justin Lin offers some thoughts on what's next for him and the future of the Fast & Furious franchise.

8 X 10: Bringing Dad Home: Curtis Chin shares a great story about recently stumbling upon this old Detroit News photo of his father -- on eBay.

Lyrics Born Keynote Speech at SF 2011 Mayoral Candidates Forum: Last week at The Fillmore in San Francisco, Lyrics Born gave a keynote speech at the Mayoral Candidates Forum.

7 Things We (AAPIs) Can Do To Rally Up Our Base to Advance a Progressive Agenda: Joyce Yin on NAKASEC offers seven questions she's learn to ask herself when thinking about how best to rally up people around an important cause.

Podcast #71: Knocksteady Live - Paul Dateh: Not-so-classical violinst Paul Dateh recently visited the Knocksteady lair to talk about "his intense musical upbringing, surprising ties to multiple genres, and staying out of his goddamn business."

Giant Robot Interview: Artist Martin Hsu: Giant Robot interviews artist Martin Hsu in anticipation of his upcoming show at GR2.

My Steve Jobs Story: Glee star Harry Shum Jr., who played one of those dancing silhouettes in Apple's iconic iPod commercials, recalls the time he met Steve Jobs and totally geeked out.

Mike Chang: 10 reasons he makes us 'Glee'-ful: By the way, it's official -- everybody loved Harry Shum Jr.'s big episode on last week's Glee

The Zen of Steve Jobs: Jeff Yang's first official "Tao Jones" column for Wall Street Journal's Speakeasy is a look back on Steve Jobs' legacy.

My Muse Was an Apple Computer: Author Gish Jen with a New York Times op-ed piece reflecting on what Apple computers meant for the writer.

Carmen Sognonvi: Our old friend Carmen (formerly of Racialicious) recently launched a new video blog sharing tips on how to run and market a successful local business.

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