ted talk fail: all asians look alike?

This was posted to YouTube over a year ago, but this little gaffe is worth noting... In this video, TED's Chris Anderson talks about web video is driving what he calls Crowd Accelerated Innovation. Which is great and all, but he gets a key part of his presentation wrong from the get-go.

To illustrate how web video is causing dance to evolve, he uses a quote from filmmaker a Jon M. Chu, director of The LXD and the last two Step Up movies. The only problem is, Anderson inexplicably uses a photo of Evan Low, city council member of Campbell, California. Watch at the 1:35 mark:

All Asians look alike? Mr. Anderson, may I suggest that you (or whoever does your research for you) do a slightly more thorough Google image search next time? Step your game up, Chris! (Thanks, Leif.)

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