this week in dumbass remarks

Politicians are human beings too, and prone to saying stupid things just like anybody else. We could just ignore them... until you're reminded that these are the people responsible for leading and legislating our great nation. For example:

Santorum: 'I want to go to war with China': "You know, Mitt, I don't want to go to a trade war," Santorum remarked. "I want to beat China. I want to go to war with China and make America the most attractive place in the world to do business." Them's fightin' words, Rick.

House Appropriations Chair makes off color crack: "So I was on a trip to China a few years ago and came back and had dinner with the Chinese ambassador, who spoke broken English but was trying to impress his staff with his knowledge of the U.S., remarking at our dinner table mainly to his staff that he had been to Kentucky," Rogers went on. "He had been to the Kentucky Derby and he said, 'you know, the Kentucky Derby is located in a city and you need to know how to pronounce the name of,' he said, 'it's not Rouisville, it's Rouisville." - House Appropriations Chairman Rep. Harold Rogers, R-Ky.

Quote of the Day: US senator compares China to pack of dogs: "Where I come from, they say when you throw a rock at a pack of dogs, the one that yelps is the one you hit. Of course the Chinese are going to yelp because they don't like this." - U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown.

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