all asian reporters (at occupy oakland) look alike?

Not-so-accurate news from the Occupy Oakland Twitter account... Last week, a vigil was held for a man who was shot and killed in Oakland's Frank Ogawa Plaza, just yards from the Occupy Oakland encampment.

Occupy Oakland tweeted that a news reporter "assaulted" a man who was lighting candles for the vigil... then for some reason, incorrectly identified Kristen Sze of ABC Channel 7 as the alleged assailant/candle-kicker.

Only Kristen Sze wasn't even there. She works mornings, and was probably getting ready for bed when the alleged pushing/kicking occurred. The odd saga, from accusation to apology, all unfolded on Twitter, and Dan Wong helpfully chronicled it all on Storify. Read it here, or view the embed below:

UPDATE: Occupy Oakland has apologized for the false accusations via The Shadow. (Thanks, Jonathan.)

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