angry reader of the week: yulree chun

Once again, it's time to meet the Angry Reader of the Week, spotlighting you, the very special readers of this website. Over the years, I've been able to connect with a lot of cool folks, and this is a way of showing some appreciation and attention to the people who help make this blog what it is. This week's Angry Reader is self-described workaholic Yulree Chun.

Who are you?
I am Yulree, which means nightingale nightingale in hanmun (old Korean) or Mandarin.

What are you?
Some of the time, I am a 20-something workaholic that is always on the go, working, doing side projects, exploring the outdoors, volunteering - I'm a must-do-it-all kinda gal. Other times though, I'm a 5 year old who eats ice cream and cookies for breakfast and just wants to twirl, dance around and journey to far off places. And then there are those times where I'm a 80 year old grandma who tends gardens, bakes goodies and feeds people.

Where are you?
At work. Lately, I'm always at work. I eat, breathe and live work. Hi to my coworkers (and maybe my boss) who are reading this!!I I swear, I'm typing this during my lunch time.

Where are you from?
What a loaded question. From my mother's womb.

If you're talking about a certain physical location, I was born in Korea, then lived in Modesto (CA), Chandler (AZ), Nonthaburi (Thailand), Shanghai (PRC). I currently reside in Los Angeles but I'm ready to peace out and head over to Barcelona. Any AAM readers from Barcelona? Let's connect.

What do you do?
I live life to the fullest and try to help people whenever I can. To be honest though, those things are tough to do every day. So there are times when I just need to crash, lay fetal position on my couch and watch episode after episode of Law & Order SVU.

What are you all about?
I think the previous question kinda answers this one. To me, there are three things I live by: growth, compassion and faith. I try to learn from everything and everyone around me, share the growth, be compassionate towards others and live with a strong faith in life. I know it sounds flowery and all, but those three words and everything they stand for has gotten me through a load of dark and rough patches.

What makes you angry?
Okay, man, I'm excited about this. I've been wanting to share this with the world wide web forever. And this is the perfect place to do so.

I've been to SOOOOOO many events and what annoys the beejeezus out of me is when people/guests/volunteers/anybody grab a water bottle, drink a little bit, put it down, forget about it after a couple minutes and then proceed to grab a new bottle of water!!! By the end of the event, there are a zillion half drank (drunk? drunken?) water bottles laying around and only like 200 guests! So people! PLEASE, when you pick up a water bottle, DRINK IT ALL. And then please kindly place it in the recycle bin. Thank you.

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