are you part of a multi-generational household?

Growing up, my grandmother lived with us. My parents, us kids, and my grandmother. And that was the family portrait. I never really thought it was out of the ordinary -- for some reason, most of the other Asian families I knew also had grandmothers living with them (it was always grandmothers). It didn't occur to me that might be an Asian thing.

Hyphen has put the call out looking for Asian American households with three or four generations living under one roof to participate in a photo project for the magazine's upcoming "Generations" issue: Hyphen Seeks Multi-Generational Households for Photo Project.
We are looking for households with 3 or 4 generations in one home to take part in a photo project that will be published in Hyphen's upcoming Generation issue. The aim is to visually compare the perspectives of each generation in a close-knit family. The project is personal in nature but non-intrusive as family members will get a chance to document each other and can do so at their own pace over the course of a week. We are looking for families living in the US with some members of Asian descent. Please e-mail andria.lo@hyphenmagazine.com by Dec 7 if you know of any families or have questions about the project!
Maybe this is your family, or you know someone whose family fits the bill. Spread the word, because I know you're out there. For more information, and to see a photo of a cute kid, go to the Hyphen blot here.

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