david oh wins philadelphia city council seat

In Philadelphia, Republican David Oh has won a seat on the City Council. When he takes the job in January, Oh will become the first Asian American ever to serve on the Council: Oh wins at-large seat on Philadelphia City Council.

Oh edged out Al Taubenberger for one of two at-large seats on election day with a narrow lead of about 140 votes. And after a count of all the absentee, military and provisional ballots, David Oh was the clear winner:
Oh declared victory for an at-large Republican spot on Philadelphia's 17-member legislative body over Al Taubenberger, who bounced back from a weak showing in the May primary to lose to Oh by just 171 votes.

"The bottom line is that it's back to my day job at the Greater Northeast Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce," said Taubenberger, president of that organization. "It's back to building jobs for the city, which I'm proud to do."

After the Nov. 8 election, Oh emerged with a lead of about 140 votes, close enough that he and Taubenberger agreed that about 2,000 absentee ballots should be counted.

That count, along with a sampling of about 750 provisional ballots - used for voters whose names do not appear in log books - was completed Tuesday. It widened Oh's unofficial lead to 171.
When Oh ran for the council seat four years ago, he was ahead on election night only to lose after absentee ballots were tallied. Another close race -- only this time, David Oh came out on top. More here: David Oh takes the cake in at-large Council race.

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