emerging face of a nationless world campaign

Check out this cool new video in support of Emerging Face of a Nationless World, a campaign to connect communities worldwide through shared stories and struggles. I previously posted an earlier version of this video. This one's slimmed down and more badass. Check it out:


Here's more about Emerging Face of a Nationaless World:
Emerging Face of a Nationless World is a campaign born of humanity's natural, destined arrival to this moment in human history, whereby the world's ancient faith in the unity of humankind has begun to be truly realized. Ours is an effort to thread together the stories of communities, worldwide, to speak as the single, seamless fable of mankind; as well as to create a platform to connect the many individuals, groups, and organizations working for human betterment, across the earth, in our shared struggle.
The campaign already has participants from groups across the United States, in China, France, Nigeria, Chile, and the Philippines, and has received support from organizations like National Geographic. For further information, go to the Emerging Face of a Nationless World website here.

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