"the hottest star from china" is looking for love in the park

What in the crazy is this? So get this... Last weekend in Zuccotti Park, somebody was apparently handing out this flyer, purportedly on behalf of Luo Yufeng. Um, who? "The hottest star from China," apparently: Is a Chinese Internet Celebrity Seeking a Husband in the Financial District?

The awesome document meticulously lists her preferred and not at all unreasonable qualifications for a potential husband, which include a master's degree, house, car and of course, interest in dominating the world. Oh, and Ms. Luo's future husband "can't been an Asian." Take a look:

So who the hell is this person? In China, she's apparently something of an internet celebrity who rose to infamy after passing out similar flyers in Shanghai. Her notoriety got her all kinds of exposure in China, before she ended up here in the States and landed a lucrative job as a manicurist.

I'm not entirely convinced that this flyer is the actual work of Luo Yufeng. But according to the New York Post, "Big Sister Feng" is still single and still on the prowl, so you never know. Whatever the case, weird. (Thanks, Sharon.)

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