man charged with killing bobcat... then eating it

More news of the weird... In Morgan Hill, California, a man has been charged with, among other things, being high on meth, possessing illegal cockfighting accessories, and killing a bobcat... then eating it: Man in unincorporated Morgan Hill charged with killing bobcat, then eating it.

Eating a bobcat actually isn't against the law. But killing one without a permit is. 38-year-old Henry Arnibal did not have a permit. He apparently did have an illegal stash of sharp cockfighting ankle spikes. Prosecutors charged him with misdemeanor fish and game violations, as well as the penal drug charge.
Arnibal was arrested Nov. 7 on Sleepy Valley Road in unincorporated Morgan Hill. He was allegedly high on meth. Deputies found 50 roosters, gaffs, sharp hooks that are attached to roosters' legs for illegal cockfights, and the preserved carcass of a bobcat.

Arnibal told authorities that the large feline had eaten five of his roosters, according to Lowney. He killed it with a .22-caliber rifle, authorities allege.

Arnibal was released on his own recognizance last week, and is scheduled to face charges in court on Nov. 22. Court records indicate he had no priors in Santa Clara County. He was unable to be reached for immediate comment.
That must have quite a sight when the cops rolled up on Arnibal's trailer. You got a dude high on meth, fifty roosters, and a bobcat carcass hanging from a fence. That's a strange day at work. More here: MH man suspected of killing, eating bobcat

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