moms of color stage 'occupy' wells fargo protest

Tiffany Eng

This is pretty cool. Last week in Oakland, a group of moms of color (with kids in tow) organized a pre-school teach-in and march in support of the Occupy movement. The "Colorful Mamas of the 99 Percent" staged a protest outside a Wells Fargo branch, where they attempted to close their accounts and teach the bank a thing or two about how to share: Moms and kids 'occupy' Oakland Wells Fargo branch, close accounts.
Angry that Wells Fargo took federal bailout money and is now posting record profits, a group of moms and their children rallied at an Oakland branch Friday and closed their accounts.

The "Colorful Mamas of the 99 Percent" tried to enter the bank, but the doors were shuttered soon after the protest began about noon at the branch on Franklin street.

The group of 40 marched from Snow Park nearby with about 10 strollers and kids in their arms and carried a banner that said: "Teach Big Banks to Share: We're Moving Our Money."

The first mom to close her account, Mimi Ho of Oakland, brought one of her two children into the bank strapped to her chest and was surrounded by television and newspaper photographers as she filled out the paperwork.

At least three moms closed their accounts before the bank locked its doors.
I don't know, does it seem right to you that Wells Fargo, which took federal bailout money during the economic crisis, posted record profits this year? No wonder these moms are mad. More here: Parents, their children march against banks, some close accounts.

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