petition to stop the deportation of jose librojo

Jose "JB" Librojo came to the United States legally, graduated from high school, earned a college degree, is working in the medical field, and is married to his childhood sweetheart (a non-U.S. citizen). He's also paid all of his taxes and has no criminal record. But now he's faces deportation to the Philippines.

His friends and supporters are the spreading the word about an online petition calling on Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Department of Homeland Security and others for another look at Jose's case to allow him to obtain legal permanent status to reside in the United States:
Jose has been approved for an I-140 immigrant visa, which will allow him to adjust his status and become a permanent resident/green card holder, however DHS refuses to reopen his case for this to occur. In addition, under ICE Policy Number: 10075.1 released June 17, 2011 by ICE Director John Morton, and in an announcement on August 18, 2011 from the White House, Jose does not meet the standards for priority deportation. We request that DHS defer Jose’s deportation; and/or by requesting that DHS reconsider their decision to decline a joint motion to reopen Jose’s case to permit him to adjust his status to permanent resident.

A joint motion will allow Jose’s case to be remanded from the Board of Immigration Appeals back to the immigration judge so that the case can be administratively closed. These are both forms of prosecutorial discretion identified in ICE Policy Number: 10075.1 and the August 18, 2011 announcement from the White House.

Mr. Jose Librojo is a shining example of the President’s & the Department of Homeland Security’s motivation to prioritize cases so that prosecutorial discretion can be used. Jose is nearing completion of a ten-year process pending the re-opening of his case. Despite a number of positive achievements, his case was denied, forcing him into a difficult situation and timetable. Mr. Librojo should not be a priority for deportation under the new ICE/DHS guidelines. Instead, his case should be reopened to allow him to obtain legal permanent status to reside in the United States.
Read about his situation, and if you feel inclined to support him, sign the petition here: Stop the Deportation of DREAMer Jose (JB) Librojo.

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