the repatriation of henry chin by isaac ho

Looking for your next book to read? Just heard about The Repatriation of Henry Chin, the debut novel from Isaac Ho. It's a thriller set in a world where U.S.-China relations are so tense, Chinese Americans are rounded up into repatriation camps "for their own protection." (Sound familiar?)

One man, Henry Chin, escapes with his daughter but are soon pursued by an overzealous government agent who believes they are terrorists. Does that sound a little too far-fetched? The idea of internment camps used to deal with the pressing issues of national security? History has shown that as outrageous as it sounds, that could easily happen. Here are some more details about the book:
In a near future, amid growing hostilities between the USA and China, the new scifi novel The Repatriation of Henry Chin sees a paranoid president decide that the best course of action to deal with “potential” domestic terrorists is to secure Chinese-Americans in specially built facilities for their “safety.” Mild-mannered pharmacist Henry Chin finds his life turned upside down as American turns on American.

Unwilling to submit to such a draconian security policy, Chin flees with his teen-age daughter across a nightmare America where neighbor has turned against neighbor. Now doggedly pursued by an ICE agent determined to bring this “potential future terrorist” in no matter the cost, Chin struggles to survive in a country where once cherished rights and liberties have been traded for a peace and security that is anything but.

The Repatriation of Henry Chin is the debut novel for Isaac Ho, SF Weekly Black Box Award-winning playwright of Along for the Ride and Stephen N. Gershenson Screenwriting Award-winning writer of 1,001 Ways to Enjoy the Missionary Position, a feature-film starring Amanda Plummer.
I haven't read the book, but it looks pretty intriguing. I'm told that in the tradition of good science fiction, it makes you pause and think... but it's also got "action, violence, some political stuff and things blow up." Sounds all right to me.

The Repatriation of Henry Chin is available for digital readers and on paperback. Get it on Amazon. And for further information about the book, go to the Digital Fabulists website here.

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