san francisco mayoral candidate david chiu's campaign headquarters burglarized

In San Francisco, just hours before election day, mayoral candidate David Chiu's campaign headquarters was reportedly ransacked and burglarized late Sunday night: David Chiu campaign headquarters burglarized.

Was it politically motivated? According to Chiu's campaign manager, the culprit(s) stole thousands of dollars worth of equipment, pulled confidential campaign materials from drawers and made a general mess of the place:
Besides stealing at least one computer, a bike and other unspecified equipment, the culprit or culprits also rooted through confidential campaign materials and searched through desk drawers in Chiu’s personal campaign office and his campaign manager’s office, staff said.

Bound documents from an internal poll were laying on the floor of one office after apparently being pulled out of a drawer. Other documents, including financial ones, had been strewn on the floor. A separate stack of manila folders with campaign financial documents was found in some bushes behind the headquarters.

"If this was a politically motivated attempt to distract the Chiu for Mayor campaign on the eve of Election Day, it has failed miserably," campaign manager Nicole Derse said. "David and our team of volunteers are as determined as ever to get our message out to San Franciscans in these last hours before voters go to the polls."
Were the burglars trying to access campaign information? This apparently wasn't the first time Chiu's campaign headquarters has been broken into. More here: Supervisor David Chiu's Campaign Headquarters Burglarized.

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