submit your music to the soundtrack of nightdreamblues

This is for all you bands out there... The folks behind the indie dramedy feature film nightdreamblues, directed by Nadine Truong, are putting a call out to hungry musicians who'd be interested in contributing some music to their movie's soundtrack. So they've put together a little contest. Read on for details... First, here's what the movie's about:
NDB is a dramedy about three childhood friends who reunite for an impromptu birthday celebration when their midsummer night of delirious abandon and reminiscence explodes into a daring search for hope and deliverance from the burden of their dreams. As we go on a journey about the struggle to keep our eyes open when we lose our way, this contemporary feature-length film centers on one summer night in Los Angeles and examines the strained relationship between three high school friends, now in their 30s, whose lives have turned out to be nothing like they had imagined.

How do they reconcile the reality of their lives with the burden of their dreams?

The story begins with high stakes, when life hangs in the balance, with a fateful event that ultimately pulls three old friends back together. Soon, their reunion crashes them into the paths of three entertaining strangers, each a colorful mixture of unbridled enthusiasm for life and a unique perspective of the world around them.

But as the dark and knowing night goes, so go their guards and expectations.

À la great, classic ensemble motion pictures like, THE BREAKFAST CLUB, ANNIVERSARY PARTY, LESS THAN ZERO, ST. ELMO'S FIRE, GARDEN STATE, BEAUTIFUL GIRLS and THE BIG CHILL, this feature film bears the impressive ingredients for an unforgettable movie experience, with an urgent heart, a reckless sense of humor, a vibrant and moving soundtrack, and certainly a clear thirst for redemption and meaning in an uncertain world.
And here's how you can get your music in the movie:
Our film was one made of passion and an indie level budget, so we are looking for songwriters who are willing to contribute generously their talents to our story. And while we are a small engine that could, we were fortunate enough to have some amazing and accomplished talent work on our film including the likes of Rex Lee (Entourage) and Tzi Ma (Rush Hour, 24). This is our director, Nadine Truong's feature directorial debut and as a recent graduate of the American Film Institute, she has been billed as one to watch. : )

Speaking of watch, here's something to help inspire you to see what may work for NDB - please check out this test trailer - http://vimeo.com/26500833. This isn't actual footage from the film, but it will hopefully give you some direction and flavor as to what NDB is about. We don't have any restrictions with regards to genre of music, lyrics, anything. Give us what you think could work well with a story about friendship, catharsis, partying, love, laughter, tears, loss, burden, night, dreams, and the blues.

While we can't promise you the stars, we can promise you that your music will be an instrumental part of the ride that will help us to frame a story that we are extremely proud to eventually share with the world. Who knows, if things go well, we may make a soundtrack album out of it yet. Music definitely matters here so we are really looking to showcase your work.

And, just to further entice you talented singer/songwriters, if your work is picked, not only will your band be invited to any screenings we may have in your area, but if you are ever in the Los Angeles area, our director (http://photo.nadinetruong.com/) will do a photoshoot with you and your band for your own promo art and to top it off, for one lucky band, we will shoot and produce a music video for the film in LA or NYC with your song we use. (Sorry, we cannot transport you out or house you, so if don't live in these areas, get there and we'll make it worth your while!)
Be sure to watch the test trailer here to get a feel for what they're going for. Send your music with a cover email to info@408films.com. For further information on contributing your tunes to the film, go here. And for further updates on the movie, go to the nightdreamblues Facebook page here.

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