valerie tian in 21 jump street trailer

Oh what the. Here's the trailer for 21 Jump Street, the new movie remake of the classic 1980s TV show about cops going undercover in high school. The upcoming big-screen version stars Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum.

This was a hugely important show for me in my youth, but unfortunately, Detective Harry T. Ioke is nowhere to be seen. However, I did catch a super-quick glimpse of Valerie Tian as "Burns." Take a look:

As fans know, the original show was the launching pad for Johnny Depp's career, and there's already been a lot of buzz around his rumored cameo in the movie. So I gotta ask, did anyone bother to call up Dustin Nguyen? Because that would be pretty awesome. But probably too much to hope, right? 21 Jump Street opens in theaters March 2012.

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