"lonely" 27-year-old posed as harvard freshman for months

Asians behaving badly... fake Harvard freshman edition! Last week at Harvard University, a 27-year-old man was kicked out of a Harvard Yard dormitory after passing himself off as a freshman at the College for several months: Weld Visitor Abe Liu: I Was Lonely.

Abe Liu, a student at Harvard Extension School, had been crashing in friends' dorm rooms and telling students that he lived in Weld Hall. His fictitious personal history and fake freshman activities extended to frequent postings on the Harvard University Class of 2015 Facebook group.

But Liu's lies caught up with him, and University Police officers showed up last week to escort his deceiving ass out of the door:
Though suspicions about Liu's identity arose among freshmen primarily due to his lack of swipe access to Harvard buildings, it remains unclear who alerted HUPD.

"Although the man was invited into [the] building, he was not a College affiliate and College officials determined that he was no longer welcome," HUPD spokesperson Steven G. Catalano wrote in an emailed statement.

Students said to have hosted Liu in their room and the proctor in the entryway that Liu frequented declined to comment for this story.

In the days following Liu's removal from Weld, rumors and questions about his identity and intentions have circulated among students at the College, sparking debate and speculation over various email lists, on Facebook, through student-generated internet memes, and in an article published online by The Harvard Independent, a weekly student newspaper.
So why did he do it? Abe apparently wanted to make some friends. But why the Class of 2015? It's not clear, but it's kind of hard to come up with good reasons why a 27-year-old dude would take up fake residence in a freshman dorm.

The Harvard Independent has painstakingly pieced together links and accounts from around the web to paint an elaborate (and somewhat humorous) portrait of the life, crimes and lies of Abe Liu: Who Is Abe Liu?

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