man bites salesman's ear in possible hate crime attack

Dammit. Another one of these? Last week in the Houston area, a man was arrested for brutally attacking a Pakistani American home security salesman in a possible hate crime assault: Family says attack on Muslim man in Tomball should be hate crime.

David L. Nienberg is charged with aggravated assault after allegedly trying to stab 61-yar-old Yaqub Bham with fork, biting off part of his ear and beating him so badly that he broke ten ribs. Bham, a salesman with ADT, had come Nienberg's home to inspect the property. That's when things got violent:
Harris County sheriff's deputies who responded to a 911 call from Nienberg's family about 5:50 p.m. on Wednesday did not mention the questions about Bham's name and origins in their report, said Deputy Thomas Gilliland, spokesman for the Sheriff's Office.

Gilliland said Nienberg apparently became angry while reviewing the contract for a security system in his four-bedroom home on Everhart Pointe Drive. When Bham offered to make another contract, or change it, "the defendant took the backpack that Mr. Bham had and wouldn't give him the backpack, which contained the keys to his vehicle," Gilliland said.

The two men's verbal disagreement then became physical, the deputy said.

Nienberg lunged at Bham with a fork, Gilliland said he was told. Relatives took the implement away, but Nienberg allegedly managed to get Bham in a choke hold, beat him, and bite him while muttering about military operations.

When deputies arrived, Nienberg refused to let go of Bham until they "secured the perimeter" and "secured women personnel," Gilliland said.

It took three deputies to pull Nienberg off Bham, he said. They deployed Tasers on Nienberg twice, and even then, the furious man continued to kick and spit after they wrestled him into a patrol car, said Gilliland.
The guy sounds like a friggin' psycho. Bham's family members are calling for authorities to investigate the assault as a hate crime. Nienberg apparently being agitated and violent after asking Bham where he was from. Any answer other than "White Texas" was probably not going be sufficient, and that's about when this racist asshole lost it.

What is up with this rash of attacks? It's scary as hell. America, your ignorance hurts my brains. If convicted of aggravated assault, Nienberg could get two to twenty years in prison. Buddy, I hope you get the maximum, and you rot in that cell for as long as it takes for you to understand the hate in your heart.

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