parents asked church member to discipline their kid -- with a beating

What the hell? Last week in Irvine, California, a man was arrested for beating a teen with a metal pipe -- with the permission of the kid's parents: Authorities: Southern California family asked fellow churchgoer to beat their child.

According to authorities, the parents dropped of their child at the home of 39-year-old Paul Kim, asking him to discipline the 15-year-old after they found a lighter in his possession. Kim was apparently their church's go-to guy when parents needed someone to kick their kids' ass:
Kim hit the child with a metal pole about a dozen times, causing severe bruising on his legs, according to Bachmann. The pole was about an inch in diameter, investigators said.

An adult at the boy's school saw the bruises and called Irvine police, who in turn informed San Bernardino County officials, she said.

Kim was arrested Tuesday at his home and released Thursday after posting bail. He faces a felony charge of willful cruelty to a child. No court date has been set, according to jail records.
First of all, what's up with parents outsourcing discipline duties to some guy with a metal pipe? Also, shouldn't the kid's parents be charged too? I'm pretty sure if you hand over your son to Mr. Kim and give him the green light to beat the kid's ass, that counts as some kind of child abuse.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department is asking anyone with further information that could help investigators to call the Crimes Against Children Detail at 909-387-3615. More here: Paul Kim, Church Enforcer of Family Discipline, Accused of Beating Teen with Metal Pipe.

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