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What's in a (Middle) Name? Try Everything.: Our friend Jen Wang's first post for xojane.com takes it way back to her teenage years, when her lack of a middle name became the symbol of everything that was wrong with her.

Has Asian American Studies Failed? Timothy Yu, Professor of English and Asian American studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with a thoughtful and provocative question on the state of Asian American studies.

Doggone: Bao Phi tackles WCCO reporter James Schugel's spectacularly disastrous, racially-tinged (and totally false) "investigative report" about a New York Chinatown market that allegedly sold Minnesota-bred dogs as meat.

The 12th Day of NBA Christmas: Not only is he responsible for making multi-million dollar, shamelessly entertaining blockbuster Fast & Furious movies, but director Justin Lin is also responsible for creating what is quite possibly the greatest fantasy basketball league ever.

If Sherlock Holmes Can Come Back, Why Not Charlie Chan?: Jeff Yang's latest "Tao Jones" column wonders if cinema's most (in)famous Asian detective could be refreshed and reinvented for a brand new generation, à la the latest movie incarnation of Sherlock Holmes.

Brain Routers: With the new hardcover re-release of Same Difference, graphic novelist Derek Kirk Kim considers how much the world has changed in the seven years since the book's original publication.

Korean American Mental Health Taboo Contributes To 5 Suicides in LA: In November, there were reportedly four suicides and another murder-suicide involving Korean Americans or Korean immigrants in Los Angeles.

Tiger Mom's Long-Distance Cub: Amy Chua, the infamous Tiger Mom No. 1, checks in with a Wall Street Journal essay to let us all know how she's doing now that her older daughter Sophia has left the nest for college.

Thai-trip Column 'Nausea': Helen Gym sounds off, with disgust, on Stu Bykofsky's recent nauseating Philadelphia Daily News column on the "exotic" wonders of sex tourism in Thailand.

Margaret Cho: I Was Once Kim Jong Il: Comedian Margaret Cho, who once played Kim Jong Il on NBC's 30 Rock, reflects on the North Korean dictator's death.

Asian Americans: A Growing Political Force: "Population, representation and access are the cornerstones of this new era of participation in Asian American communities, one that will bring with it the policy changes that are long overdue."

For Richard H. Lee, experience paid off: Up-and-coming 24-year-old golfer Richard H. Lee, wise beyond his years, shares some wisdom and insight about his family, career and the sport.

A Day In The Life Of 20-Year-Old VC Ernestine Fu: At just twenty years old, Stanford University student Ernestine Fu has already made a name for herself as the youngest VC in Silicon Valley.

Shoulder Friends: Filmmaker/writer Dai Wil Kim-Gibson recently started a blog chronicling and reflecting on everyday issues, lives and culture, as well as ideas from her upcoming joint memoir with her late husband Donald D. Gibson.

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