2 broke girls producer takes heat for stereotypes

Apparently, us Asian kids aren't only ones who think 2 Broke Girls kind of stinks.

While the CBS sitcom is one of the biggest new hits of the season, the show's excessive use of ethnic and other stereotypes -- particularly Matthew Moy's "Han Lee" character -- has been truly groan-worthy. Hell, we knew this before it even started shooting.

But its sounds like others have caught on. And it warms my heart. It's been widely reported that this week at the Television Critics Association press tour, there was something of a tense clash between journalists and executive producer Michael Patrick King, who "grew agitated" over questions concerning the "Han" character: '2 Broke Girls' and one ugly clash with reporters.
But a session to promote the series deteriorated into an uncomfortable and messy clash between reporters and executive producer Michael Patrick King, who grew agitated with repeated questions about the continuing controversy concerning the show's lone Asian character, the owner of a diner who speaks in broken English.

Even though King had been expecting questions about the character Han Lee (Matthew Moy) since it has been an issue since the series premiered, he became increasingly defensive as the session wore on, making what amounted to a flat joke about the Irish heritage and sexual orientation of one reporter who continued to press him about whether CBS had asked him to make Han more dimensional and tone down his ethnicity.
I love you, television reporters. The whole session reportedly just unraveled as King grew increasingly contentious over the barrage of Han Lee questions. From what I've read (and frankly, if you just watch the show), he simply doesn't get it. If you ask me, Mr. King could benefit from a little bit of squirming. More here: Is 2 Broke Girls really 'racist'?

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