apalc condemns the john and ken show's racist remarks

Some follow-up on those dumbass racist comments heard on a recent radio broadcast of the The John and Ken Show. The show apparently has a history of making racist remarks, and this latest instance targeted Korean Americans.

At a press conference this week, the Asian Pacific American Legal Center, in partnership with other Korean American and immigrants rights organizations, issued a statement condemning co-host John Kobylt's derogatory remarks about "Korean painter scam guys." Here's APALC's statement:
"As a civil rights organization, the Asian Pacific American Legal Center, a member of the Asian American Center for Advancing Justice, strongly condemns 'The John and Ken show' for its ongoing campaign against immigrants and immigrant communities. The show has targeted innocent individuals and groups, including the Korean American community as well as immigrant rights leaders and organizers.

As an organization dedicated to combating injustice and hate against Asian and other immigrant communities APALC is here today to stand in support of the Korean American community and organizations, such as Korean Resource Center, who demand that Clear Channel and KFI AM pull this show from the air. In Southern California, which is home to the largest Korean population outside of Korea and one of the largest and most diverse immigrant communities in the U.S., there is no room for the kind of hateful and divisive rhetoric that the show regularly employs.

We also ask the show’s remaining advertisers – which we understand include Chevron, Hyundai North America, and Target -- to stop supporting the Ken & John show and to remove their financial support from the show."
To view the full press release, go here. And for further information about the campaign against The John and Ken Show, visit the National Hispanic Media Coalition website Take John and Ken Off The Air.

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