calling all real karaoke people: invitation to read and sing

Poetry and karaoke. They go together peanut butter and jellyfish. And our friends at the Asian American Writers' Workshop in New York, in collaboration with Nodutdol Korean Community Development, are seeking submissions for a multidisciplinary performance event next month.

Part of the Workshop's Neighborhood Word initiative, which brings literary programming to the outer boroughs, the event will use singing and poetry to harmonize, shake, split, and excavate the deeper musical notes of diasporic narratives centered on community, family, the romantic, and immigration.

Want to participate? Here are the submission guidelines:
This event centers around the ways that poetry and song can be used as venues of/for community building, as karaoke has been a space that many have participated in with families, friends, and strangers alike. Submit a creative piece that can be performed, read out loud in 5-7 minutes. Topics can include: love, sex, nostalgia, identity, rebellion, citizenship and patriotism, diaspora, adoption, missed connections, and more! Send submissions, questions, and comments to Peggy Lee (gyoungwon@gmail.com) and Cristiana Baik (cristiana.baik@gmail.com). Deadline: January 26, 2012, 5pm.
The deadline to submit is January 26, 2012. For further information on the Neighborhood Word initiative, go to the AAWW website here.

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