chinese american woman gets critical at romney rally

Props. Props to the unidentified Chinese American woman who stood up at a New Hampshire political rally yesterday and got a little hostile, criticizing Republican U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney for his anti-China rhetoric: US presidential hopeful Romney takes heat on China criticisms.

Who are you, outspoken Chinese American mystery woman? Don't know. But she loves America. And she has a problem with Mr. Romney's degrading comments about China ("it just doesn't make me feel good") and asked the former Massachusetts Governor "not to put Asians down." Damn right.
Republican US presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney took heat on Wednesday over his fierce criticisms of China from a Chinese-American woman who bluntly told him 'it just doesn't make me feel good.' The woman, sitting near the stage at a political rally held by the former Massachusetts governor and veteran Republican Senator John McCain, repeatedly said she loved the United States and asked Mr Romney not to put Asians down.

'I heard all this degrading thing about China this and China that, it just doesn't make me feel good,' she scolded the candidate.

'I hope I haven't put any Asians down,' Mr Romney, who in his campaign speech routinely accuses Beijing of cheating on global trade rules and vows to 'clamp down' on China, said somewhat stiffly.

'I admire China's economic success, it's literally a miracle,' added Mr McCain.
It doesn't make me feel good either, Mr. Romney. And no, Senator McCain, it's not "literally" a miracle. A day after narrowly emerging from the Iowa Caucus as the Republican frontrunner, this was perhaps a reminder that he still has more than a few people to convince. More here: Not the victory lap he wanted.

UPDATE: Colorlines has video of the exchange: Chinese-American Woman Schools Romney at Political Rally. Can anyone out there identify the awesome, outspoken woman in the bright green sweater?

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