fund this: I die, I dim and I shine

Got this passed along to me and thought some folks might want to lend some support to an Asian American filmmaker's burgeoning project...

Hmong American actor Doua Moua, best known for his role as the gang member "Spider" in Gran Torino, has written a feature narrative, I Die, I Dim, and I Shine, and is now trying to put some funding together to get it off the ground. Here's a video of Doua with the short pitch:

Here's more information about the film:
In "I DIE, I DIM and I SHINE," two families come together to work through their losses and push through those unforgotten memories that they share with each other. Kim's mother passed away from cancer two years ago. Now, newly engaged, a happy Kim comes home to find that her father, Bob, is engaged to a new woman, Maria. Soon, Kim will get to know Maria a lot better.

Kim's family lost a piece of themselves after her mother passed away. But, as is usually the case, being in love makes everyone feel like there is a greater purpose in life. She and her father have met new people who are slowly helping them heal and shine. But where does that leave Chase, Kim's younger brother, who is still dwelling on the memories of his mother?
They're trying to raise $6,000 by February 24. For further information about the project, and to make a pledge, go to the IndieGoGo campaign page here.

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