hammer-wielding woman killed by sheriff's deputies

This is a disturbing story out Southern California about a woman who was wielding a ball-peen hammer before she shot and killed by police officers at the Asian Pacific Family Center in Rosemead: Deputies: Dimunitive woman wielded hammer before deadly shooting.

40-year-old Jazmyne Ha Eng, who was all of 4-foot-11 and 95 pounds, apparently had a history psychological disorders. On Wednesday, she was seen holding a hammer and behaving erratically in the lobby of the clinic. When sheriff's deputies arrived, she reportedly attacked:
"When deputies entered the lobby of the location, they encountered (Eng), wielding a hammer above her head, screaming," Deputy Peter Gomez said in a written statement.

Dolson described the hammer as a "full-sized ball-peen hammer."

Ball-peen hammers have both a flat end and a rounded one.

Typically they are used for metal working. It is unclear where the woman obtained the hammer.

The deputies tried to talk to the woman, but she did not respond to their commands, Gomez said. A deputy tried to shock the woman with a Taser, however it was not effective.

"She then advanced toward the deputies, with hammer over head," Gomez said. "Fearing for his safety, a deputy fired two rounds from his duty weapon, striking her."
According to authorities, Eng had a long history of mental illness and was a patient at the clinic. I can't help but wonder how much of a threat a 95-pound woman holding a hammer could be to multiple armed officers, and why such deadly force was necessary in this situation. But I can only wonder. More here: Woman killed by deputies in Rosemead had long history of mental illness.

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